land map
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The land has four different kinds of habitats in general even though it may vary depending on seasons.

North: Snow and darkness. Cold and barren full of rocks and mountains.

Races: Eskimos and people used to cold weather, Some Bantam live here in their own villages and due to their thick hair growth they handle the weather well. Twilight Elves has been said to live in deep caves where the snow can't reach.

East: The deserts. Light and warm where there is rarely night time, but can also be deadly for one who do not know how to travel or dress oneself. Nights are cold and raw to the skin while days are hot and life taking.

Races: Colored people live here- everything from black to almond colored skinned people.

South: The lush forests.

Races: Indians and Druid folks are often seen here along with some Forest elves that live in their woods. They may appear during sunny days to come out and worship the life giving sun. These are also the natural habitat for trixters.

West: The wind. Stormy and filled with beautiful architecture and mid temperatures by the sea.

Races: All people live here. Some Bantam live here as well but they're very, very few. The Noble elves are known to reside in grand cities here but only in their own places, rarely in humans' cities or villages even though one stray elf may find their way inside their walls.

Sidenote; Wherever a race that is rare to the eye of commoners, they will get stared at and sometimes not in a good way. Remember that when you travel along the lands' roads.