¤ Respect all players here

¤ Do not flame or troll (that will result in banning)

¤ We logg IPs, we can find you if need be.

¤ Always spell check your posts! Moderators and Admins have a lot more things to do than spell check posts even though we do that too. By spell checking you provide a good writing and more joy for the people who read your stories!

¤ We encourage more people in a few threads, then few people in a lot of threads! If your thread is open for others to enter put "open" or something in the subject. The more the merrier!

¤ You must to be 18 and over to play here

¤ Even if you leave this board, your posts will stay behind. Otherwise it will mess up stories too bad. You however have the right to get copies of all your posts sent to you if you so choose.

¤ God-Mode is NOT allowed, the more flaws the more fun it is. Play on your flaws and have fun.

¤ You can NOT go from peasant to world-hero over night. Admin will decide if he or she will be able to take a step up in the world if the differences from start to current level of play is dim. Most powerful players here have been writing their character for years.

¤ You can not kill a character in game unless you both are in on it

¤ Admins & Moderators always have the final say in a disagreement no matter if it's between them and a member or between members who can not solve their matters themselves.

¤ Bullying of any kind is strictly prohibited (unless it's IC wise between characters). If you feel you have been spoken to the wrong way, please contact a moderator.

¤ You are allowed to have THREE characters at the most. More than that needs Admin approval. This is to prevent idle threads due to lack of muses of too many characters. Prove yourself and you will grant more.

¤ Write at least three paragraphs in a post (that means at least 4-5 lines in each paragraph, excluding speech). The more details you write the better will the story become. If you need help to express yourself in your writing, feel free to contact a moderator for assistance. We're here to help you evolve in the skill of writing!

¤ The general rule for banning here is 3 chances. If you don't straighten your act after that, you're banned for good. Depending on how serious the matter is that you've been warned about you may even get banned sooner but it has to be a very good reason for that.

¤ Graphic sizes are to be 150 x 200 pixels in size for Avatars and at most 400 x 200 pixels for Signature images.

¤ If you need help with getting an avatar and/or signatures, contact a moderator and they will gladly help you!


¤ These rules may come to be added to or edited as we see the need to. Remember to check back here off and on and keep yourself updated.

Last updated 5th of April - 2010